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Florescencism, Responding to Today's International Relations (2016)
An artist essay describing the artistic concept of florescencism, responding to today's international relations, Read more online here

Mirror Reflections of Human Ways of living, in Aesthetic Principles of Painting (2013)
This essay makes a set of observations on the aesthetic principles of painting (harmony, balance, unity, focal point, rhythm, contrast), by finding reflections of them in real life situations where such expressions are created in the ways we try live within a community.

Internal Worlds, External Relations (2012) (Edited 2014)
An academic quality research, which makes a link between internal worlds of the human spirit, as internal forces in human nature analysis, and the quality of external interaction between individuals and communities.

The Story of 10 years of Dialogical Paintings (2011) 
This recounts the story of the first 10 years of Lida's painting journey, which focused on creating paintings with obvious messages. She explains why she was doing that and what she discovered along the journey, which brought her into a shift of style in painting, as a new period in her painter's life which takes shape by 2012.

Understanding International Relations through Art- Iran/USA a Politics of Conflict (2006)

This essay is the result of an academic research conducted to see how far art works can give us insights to understand better the conflicting relation between two countries. The case study of Iran-USA has been used, which reflects a conflicting relation of 30 years.

Humanitarian Art Manifesto (2004)
This is a declaration made as a painter joining in a synergy with other artists (not only painters, but also musicians, dancers, singers, and so on), in which the individuals express the commitment of their hearts towards the happiness of people as a core motivating force while creating.